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Get Involved!

Post by Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 1:27 am

It is time we come together from across the country and collaborate ideas, plans and movement towards the recognition of our cultures and to continue our fight in protecting our families, friends, and Unci Maka (Earth). With around 310 different reservations in the U.S. facing their own challenges in the community, we need a network to share our thoughts on how to create a positive change.

Feel free to create special topics and request separate forums for individual communities. This is an ongoing project and development for a mass network of indigenous youth seeking opportunities to help their community. A network to meet others who share the same interests and develop similar ideas to create plans towards the changes we need to see, and make.

Please bare with me as I work to establish a foundation that everyone can build from, and expand on. For this is not about just us, it's about a much bigger picture that has yet to be developed. Don't hesitate to offer feedback, improvements and advice!


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